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Border Rivers Gwydir Catchment Management Authority

University of New England

Speak Softly is for all kinds of people

Perhaps you are a rural landholder. You want to have a say in broader land management issues in your area. Issues like water allocation, pest and disease control or salinity.

Perhaps you are a member of a community group. You want to engage in negotiations with government and business, but feel like they have all the power.

Perhaps you are an employee of a natural resource management company or agency. You want to work more smoothly with people in and outside your workplace, but you are finding that environmental issues are steeped in conflict and fixed ideas.

SpeakSoftly can help

SpeakSoftly is an online training course which uses slides, video, simulations and short quizzes to take you through the basics of environmental conflicts and how to build agreement over these complex issues.

The course begins by describing environmental disputes, then takes you through the approaches people can take to negotiation, and outlines some important concepts and tools to use in a negotiation.

In early 2008, a selection of users who have completed the online training will be invited to attend a free 2-day training course in Moree, focussing on water management in the Gwydir wetlands.

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