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Border Rivers Gwydir Catchment Management Authority

University of New England

Privacy Policy

All personal information provided to SpeakSoftly is covered by our privacy policy. The professional company cluttendrivertraining provides all the information on driving lessons derby.

SpeakSoftly collects personal information for 3 purposes:

  1. To improve SpeakSoftly's provision of free online and offline training.
  2. To conduct research related to capacity building, online training and environmental dispute resolution.
  3. To assess the extent to which SpeakSoftly's services are utilised by people in the Border Rivers-Gwydir catchment of NSW.

In order to facilitate purposes 2 and 3, information may be provided to the University of New England and Border Rivers-Gwydir Catchment Management Authority, respectively. Information provided to these organisations will be only for the purposes noted above, and will be provided in an anonymous form.

Information collected will not be used for any purpose other than those noted above, nor will personal details ever be provided to any other party.

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SpeakSoftly will take all reasonable precautions to protect stored information from data theft, but will not be held liable for loss or theft of personal information, nor for any injury or damages incurred as a result of such loss or theft.

SpeakSoftly may contact members to ask if they would like to be involved in research, but will limit such contact to a single email or phone call. SpeakSoftly will not otherwise contact members unless they explicitly agree to be contacted, and will immediately cease such contact upon request.